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Are you looking for the most unique, vintage Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Hermes handbags? Or how about stunning accessories by Cartier, LV, Gucci and many more? Then chanel factory, based in Hong Kong, has just what you desire. We are a professional reseller of authentic pre-owned luxury handbags and accessories. Since 2011, we have been selling our quality items online to customers worldwide. We have loyal clients in over 50 countries. Our goal is to make your shopping more personal, safe, easy and fun, so don't hesitate to contact us. Free worldwide shipping, always. Chanel Factory was founded by Freddie Masarovic and his wife Sayaka in 2004. They launched the modest business on eBay with the simple intention of earning some extra money while attending graduate school in Sydney, Australia. After receiving their masters degrees, Freddie and Sayaka decided to move to Japan where they quickly realized the enormous potential of building a business based on luxury brands. Sayaka, who had worked for Louis Vuitton and Cartier, applied her luxury brand skills to identify high-quality, pre-owned products throughout Hong Kong. Freddie used his business and marketing development skills to create an online store. As fmasarovic grew, so, too, did the customer base who recognized our commitment to online quality, authenticity and safety. These are the values that we stand by in order to make your shopping experience the best it can possibly be.

about us

Freddie Masarovic

Founder & CEO

about us

Our mission: Glamorizing the world one vintage handbag at a time.

Our company have a exellent and well-knit factory, and a group of skillful and professional craftmen. We supply the suitcases, bags, wallets, and accessories of those top brands such as CHANEL, LOUIS VUITTON, GUCCI, PRADA, FENDI, and HERMES. Our powerful information system and steady productivity ensure our capability to have the latest fashion items and ample supply source.

In accordance with our pursue of perfect quality, we choose the top-class materials, and try hard to use the same stuff as the original manufaturers. For example, our Louis Vuitton has been made with the Italy leather same as the original, and the Prada is made with the canvas from the same manufaturers. Hence our bags always win the trust of client for their high quality, and therefore gain the strong market in the world. We promise that: we will make every effort to offer our clients the most sincere service, the best quality, and provides the latest and high quality bags of world-famous brands and leather goods of our own brand.

Our company supplies the best designer handbags. We have a great collection of designer handbags of top brands. You would easily find attractive items without bothering the price. The price of bags are much more ecnomomical than the original ones. Our company have rich experience in dealing with handbags of world-famous brands. Our manufacturers are well-organized and practised, and attach great importance on the quality of designer bags to meet client's demanding requirements. Our Factory offers you the goods that cater to your budget and favor, you could just feel free to buy it!

The StylePepuplic come in to the Chanel Factory - somehow, they pulled a behind-the-scenes tour of the CHANEL classic manufacturing process, and they've got lots of pictures to let us know exactly how the things happens.

Official Chanel Factory Outlet Store: https://www.chanelfactory.top

  • Chanel outlet store secure to visit? Yes, absolutely! Security is always given the top priority at chanel outlet online store and all of your personal information will be treated as confidential and we won't leak any of your information to other third part. We will keep them on a secure server and will fully comply with all applicable Data Protection and consumer legislation on our part. We ensure the security of all transaction data by using advanced security solution provider. Online shopping had never been safer and easier. Stay safe online with us.
  • Are these Chanel products 100% authentic? Yes. They are 100% original with authentic package. And these samples are exactly the same as the ones sold in the exclusive shop. Every Chanel Bag comes with: Serial and model numbers, (receipt), Chanel dust bag, care booklet, Chanel cards. The products are highly praised by our customers! You can trust us and our products without any doubt.
  • Why are products so cheap on Chanel outlet store? We get our goods directly from camps of licensed manufacturers. As you know, they produce a large quantity of goods, thus leaving a small portion of additional volume and can be sold without papers to other dealers. Our products are part of this. This is also the reason that they are so cheap. But please do not worry, they are original and of very good quality.